When Your #SciFi Predictions Come True!

When I wrote The Methuselah Strain, one of my major themes was the influence of sex robots on the human population; in particular, the dangers involved in employing such robots fitted with Artificial Intelligence. Now scientists have decided to voice and share their own fears in this regard. It’s really rather gratifying when you discover your ideas about the near future have proved valid!

Have a look: you can buy the digital version here:

If you’d like it in hardback, please use the link from the book title above.

4 thoughts on “When Your #SciFi Predictions Come True!

  1. Sometimes it’s spooky when you write something and you think “Nah, this is so nuts it’ll never come true”…then it does come true.

    Lonesome Willie

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    1. Hi, Lonesome! Thanks for the comment, Tom.
      Generally, I expect my predictions to eventually come true in some sense, but not as quickly as this one!


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