Finding the #Write #Words? No.5 American English English American

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Book 5: American English English American

On with the info.

Paperback, 47 pages. It was published by Abson Books London in Nov 1971; my version, revised in 1985 and printed 2007. Original cost £2.50, and currently available at £2.50.

The book is subtitled ‘A two-way glossary of words in daily use on both sides of the Atlantic’, and is probably due an update, judging by the way language changes almost daily!

It’s still a useful guide to writers who want to bring authenticity to dialogue in books featuring UK and USA characters and locations.

Here’s a brief sample – words are listed in American with the English version listed alongside in the first half of the book. The second half does the opposite, giving English words and their American counterparts:

aerial –                         antenna

alsatian –                      German shepherd/police dog

anorak –                       parka

articulated lorry –        trailer truck

aubergine –                  eggplant

autumn –                      fall

Here in UK, we tend to refer to an ‘articulated lorry’ simply as an ‘artic’.


Students learning the English Language will find a useful site on pronunciation here. And there’s a friendly group on Facebook, which you’ll find here.

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