Want An Original Fantasy? Tap Into An Obsession

Image courtesy of pixabay.

Looking for your next big story idea? If you’re experiencing writer’s block, or you just want to come up with something new to write about, one way is to take a cue from a major aspect of culture that’s largely untapped. There are always cultural fads to explore, some of which border on obsessions for large portions of the population. And while not all will yield fantasy tales at first glance, you can’t go wrong using something relevant as a jumping-off point. So, while they may present challenges, try these for size and spend a few minutes brainstorming on what kind of fantasy tale you might weave from them.

Craft Beer

With the leading craft beer brands having seized so much public interest in recent years, there’s bound to be a story to be had in connection with the industry. It could be hard to come up with a fantasy, specifically, without an element of humour, but that hasn’t previously stopped fantasy writers! Maybe a certain craft brew could be the source of a strange power; perhaps a mysterious brewery is using its product to manipulate the population. Whatever the case, craft beer is an absolute sensation, and wherever there’s that much interest, there’s the potential people will read a related story.


Worldwide passion for football is off the charts. It’s the most popular sport on the planet, leading many fans to spend time every day following teams and players. At this point, there are entire sites devoted just to scores and stats, so people can get instant updates when they want only the bare facts. And there’s limitless football analysis across the web for those looking for more in-depth coverage. There isn’t a prevailing fantasy or fiction associated with the sport though, which given its amazing popularity seems almost unbelievable. If there’s no obvious fantasy that comes to mind, perhaps you could start with superhuman players specifically built for success and go from there.

Popular TV Shows

From Friends to The Office, the most beloved, constantly streamed sitcoms and dramas can stimulate similarly riveting stories. Without reflecting poorly on the series, there’s a dark angle to be had here, perhaps with some popular show inspiring a cult-like following, or even putting out coded messages that spark dramatic events. This is something that’s actually happened throughout history (admittedly with tragic results at times), so while it may sound like an out-there idea, it’s also one worth considering.


For a last idea for story inspiration, think about the collectibles you’ve noticed or maybe even collected yourself over the years. If you think way back, or ask your parents or grandparents, you might be able to dig into the idea of stamp or coin collection, or even gathering precious lace. In more recent years, we’ve seen items like Rubik’s cubes become collectibles – and the most valuable Beanie Babies may as well be gold (provided they’re in good shape). Whatever the specifics, people can be very passionate about these fads and quirky traditions, and the inherent sense of history that comes with keeping old items at home can introduce an element of mystery. The specifics are up to you, but there’s a lot to be said for a story concept involving old collectibles somehow influencing a character’s present.

No matter what direction you take, people’s obsessions make for great plot foundations, at least from a marketing perspective. Subject matter with a built-in community of interested potential readers is worth your attention. So, if you can create a fantasy through one of these ideas, or something similar, why not have a go?