A Life-Changing Decision?

The wonderful world we inhabit. Photo courtesy NASA.

I’ve slept poorly recently. This time I made a decision during the wakeful period.

What kept me awake? Put bluntly; the dreadful state of the world today. Putting the most urgent issue of the environment emergency aside for the moment, in UK we’re now led by a man who, given the chance, would be a dictator. Together with his moronic counterpart across the wide pond, he has no interest in anyone or anything but himself. Both are supreme narcissists and are by no means alone in this as national leaders. But, in common with other sociopaths who preceded them, they attract attention and support.

It’s a survival feature of humanity that our minds resist change. As part of our persistence as a species, we’ve developed a self-deceiving technique that relies on us believing we’re right. After all, if you’re in a life-threatening situation in the wild, and you resort to internal discussion on the best course of action, you’re going to end up dead meat. That predator ain’t going to join your debate as it sinks its teeth into you!

This basic life-saving quality has, of course, been slowly modified by civilisation, but some have yet to catch up with modern life and continue to think as we did in earlier times.

My point is, regardless of the rights and wrongs of political arguments, some people frequently believe what they want to believe. Otherwise leaders like Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and all those other extremists would have no followers. Whilst their words are often superficially attractive, simple examination of the facts and basic analysis of the actions of these people quickly reveal them as self-serving liars, cheats and frauds. But many people remain unwilling, or unable, to change their minds when presented with indisputable evidence that what they believe to be truth is in fact lies.

So, back to my decision. Since it’s pointless attempting to change such minds, probably impossible even to influence them, I’m withdrawing from online political discussion. It’s always been my hope to make the world a better place and to persuade others of the utter importance of truth and honesty. But it’s obvious such considerations are of no consequence to many people, otherwise the myths and legends that govern politics, religions, customs and traditions, would long ago have been seen for what they are.

Instead, I intend to devote what’s left of my short stay on Earth to the creation of stories, pictures, poetry, and any other form of self-expression to promote the positives of life. I’m aware this will be difficult for someone with my nature, but I’m equally aware failure to change course is likely to send me to an early grave. And there’s so much I want to share before that precious gift of our only life is extinguished and our atoms join the universal collective.

I will, for the sake of the young of the world, continue to support and encourage actions backing the sustainability of the environment. But I’ll avoid involvement in other political debates.

I’ll fail at times. I’ll regress to old habits. At 71, habits have had decades to establish themselves and will resist my efforts to change. But that’s where I’m now bound. I hope, though have no expectations, others will help, join, encourage and remind me as I go through this process. Will you? Perhaps, in the near future, I’ll be rewarded with proper sleep and an increased sense of peace. Who knows?

14 thoughts on “A Life-Changing Decision?

    1. So far, I’ve edited and submitted a couple of short stories, and a poem. But posts on those will only appear if they’rr published.
      I’ve also posted a number of pieces on visits to various places of interest, and that will continue.
      But thank you for your reminder: I have slipped back into making comments on Twitter on occasion, but I’m trying to curb that, so thank you for a timely reminder about this decision.


  1. Wise words. I’ve backed off from most online political discussion, because a) it doesn’t seem to do any good, and b) it takes time and emotional energy that I could direct toward things I value a lot more than arguing with random people. I’m much happier and more productive now.

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    1. The move to the far right and extremism of all types is deeply disturbing and I fear the pressures brought about by the burgeoning climate crisis will only exacerbate the situation. Democracy, as you say, is in decline not only here in UK and the USA, but in many other places, too. Polarisation is always dangerous and conflict over diminishing resources could so easily escalate into war. It’s a scenario I explored in my recent scifi series, and one I’ll undoubtedly return to with new stories.

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      1. I agree, war could be a possibility. In the US, the economy is not great as many pundits claim. It is great for the upper 2% and growing worse for everyone else. There is no longer affordable housing or affordable healthcare. When I travel, I see nothing but closed businesses – small businesses are dying while massive corporations rape the country and take all the profits. Economic and environmental pressures, plus the polarization you mention, could turn into civil war in this country. Thus, the reason why the government has been militarizing the police. If reason doesn’t win out over greed, we will indeed be in trouble.

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        1. The world’s fiscal system actively encourages unregulated competition and over consumption, which in turn increases wealth inequality not only nationally, but internationally. We are already at the tipping point for several vital minerals and there are nations where drinking water is at a premium due to either scarcity of sources or pollution and bad management. One has to wonder when such shortages will cause envy and profit-seeking to create the usual tribal response of certain countries: wage war on your neighbours and rob them of the things you want. It’s a traditional solution that has almost always failed in every sense, but that won’t stop its repetition, unfortunately.

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  2. Stuart, I am all for hearing more of your stories, pictures and poems.
    To positive and thoughtful and hopefully work that will reach and touch your audience.

    Politics together with many deep rooted beliefs are often sundering. I follow daily what goes on in the world today and feel the pain with those who suffer.


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