Lyme Regis No 5: Surrounding Countryside.

Gull on the sea wall at Lyme Regis.

This final post about our time in this part of England is a short one. (You’ll find the start of the series of five posts here.) Part 2 here. Part 3 here. Part 4 here.

Lyme is full of narrow, and sometimes quite steep, and attractive streets.

On Wednesday, my early morning reading meant I finished ‘Promise Me’, so I wrote the review ready to post here on our return. I make a point of staying free of internet activity when away from home, as a way of taking a break from the constant demands of the online life.

This ancient notice is posted just outside the museum and gives insight into the running of the town as an early port.

After breakfast, we tried to contact Jim and Linda with a view to making another visit, but, unbeknown to us, Jim’s mobile was playing up, so he couldn’t respond; we assumed they were visiting friends in the area.

On a walk by the river, we came on this bench awaiting postitioning.
And, later, I took advantage of the opportunity for a sit down.

We visited the small supermarket for more fresh food and returned to the house for a spot of lunch. In the afternoon, when a second call to Jim proved equally unsuccessful, we set out across the fields behind the house, crossing the river at the bottom and exploring some of the hills surrounding the town, among them Dragon Hill.

Walking up toward Dragon Hill.

It wasn’t a long walk, but it showed us some of the area and we enjoyed the peace and the simple beauty.

A rural walk above Lyme.
Wide open countryside above the town.
The sea returns into view across the field leading down from Dragon Hill.

Our evening was spent reading and watching some telly.

The countryside around Uplyme.

Thursday was our last full day and we tidied up before taking our planned walk.

Wild flowers populate a sloping meadow.

This took us past parts of Uplyme and then through the countryside and some small villages in a circular walk that included some really pretty scenery.

So green

Again, it was peaceful. And, with the sun shining, we thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

The riverside walk passes through some more modern houses on the way to the sea.

Off along the riverside to Antonio’s again. Another splendid meal – it’s no surprise you need to book to eat here.  

The Lepers’ Well. A small monument and water source restored close by the riverside walk.

Then a walk back the same way. We were in time to see the second half of the Women’s World Cup match between England and Norway, which ended the evening well.

Looking back down to the old mill and the river on our way back to the holiday cottage.

Friday we did the final tidy-up and packed, returned the keys to the agency, and set off back home.

Our week in Lyme Regis was relaxing and enjoyable, but, as is so often the case, we were glad to be back home. Naturally, we had a walk in the forest once we’d unpacked!

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    1. I hope, by sharing the experience and displaying the beauty surrounding us, I can encourage people to have more respect for our wonderful world, Bojana.
      As for that seagull; it was conscious of me and wandered around as if it was shy of the camera. I got it in the end, but I think it was being a bit of a tease!

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