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Lost in a Good Book, by Jasper Fforde: #BookReview.

384 pages

Literary Fiction/Time Travel/Adventure Stories and Action.

Oddly, this book isn’t listed under comedy or humour on Amazon. I think, however, it’s supposed to be funny, perhaps witty? I confess I found it more irritating than amusing.

Written in a style that makes the author appear self-congratulatory and strangely complacent as he waves the flag declaring ‘aren’t I clever?’, the book plays with language, names, and other literature in the way a sixth-form lad might indulge. I found the names too obvious to be funny and the puns sometimes excruciating.

This writer is a popular author with a big following, so my honest review will do him no damage, I hope. But this book wasn’t for me and I won’t bother with any more of his output.

I found it tedious, juvenile, and simply too ‘clever’ for its own good.

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