Defy Death Now (Live to Die Another Day), by Dr Joseph S Maresca : #BookReview.

21 pages

Medical advice

This is an unusual little book with a fairly simple but important message about illness.

It’s much more appropriate in certain ways to readers in America, but has lessons for the world.

Here, in UK, we have a free National Health Service, once the envy of the world but currently in sad decline due to right wing political dogma. It still serves our medical needs pretty well.

In many parts of the world people pay vast amounts for their health services, allowing profit to enter the field and thereby distort its prime purpose.

Dr Maresca points out that physicians are not infallible; they do not always fully understand the problems they’re dealing with. He gives a number of case histories where misdiagnosis or inadequate investigation has led to premature death. He also illustrates cases where lessons have been learned, and goes on to urge potential patients to demand specific tests for certain conditions and to obtain second or even third opinions when uncertain they have been properly diagnosed.

The advice here could definitely prove life-saving.

Conscious of cost for his fellow Americans, the author also includes links to organisations that offer free or subsidised services for the less well-off.

Not a book to read if you’re a hypochondriac (you’ll likely fall ill) but definitely worth reading for the advice contained.

The text could be better presented in places, but the book is easily read and the importance of the content overrides any style concerns.

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