We Are the Filthy: a #Poem

This cyclist is made of rubbish discarded close to fishing ponds in the Forest of Dean, in the hope of reminding folk to take their litter home.

In despair at humanity’s disgusting insistence at soiling our shared nest, I penned this short piece of free verse.

“When plastic comes of age it shall clog the arteries of those who invented it.” Anthony T. Hincks

We Are the Filthy

Animal lovers people all
How cute is that seal pup
that one there ringed in plastic collar
Oh look at the pretty gull
belly full of plastic parts
And there’s a lovely turtle green
head noosed in twisted plastic

Fishing for our food
in pristine endless oceans
where fish swim deep
in plastic we recycle
by storm and tempest
in plastic tossed from
fun filled liners

Save the whales
oh please do save them
so we can stuff them full
of waste and watch them die
in the agony of our
careless mania for
throwaway it all

Finished your takeaway
now discard the useless carton
such utter rubbish
will last almost forever
and you don’t want it
do you?

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2 thoughts on “We Are the Filthy: a #Poem

  1. krcc

    wow what a cool sculpture made of trash.
    wish i was such a talented sculpturist, so i could create some garden decor. 😉
    a meaningful post! 👐

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