What’s Wrong with a Cardboard Box?

https://medium.com/@stuartaken/whats-wrong-with-a-cardboard-box-e67cc63dd20f?sk=3320c2ee7e50f452709ee2ad6bc21739This is a link to the short article on Medium. Enjoy!

Today’s #Picture to Spur Your Creativity: 13/July/21

Factory Chimney Enjoy!*******************************************************************************You can view more of my pictures in my Gallery.

We Are the Filthy: a #Poem

This cyclist is made of rubbish discarded close to fishing ponds in the Forest of Dean, in the hope of reminding folk to take their litter home. In despair at humanity’s disgusting insistence at soiling our shared nest, I penned this short piece of free verse. “When plastic comes of age it shall clog the …

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