Kill Code, by Clive Fleury: #BookReview.

220 pages

Dystopian Science fiction

This is action-packed dystopian scifi populated with great characters. The story moves quickly and most of it is character driven. There’s plenty of tension throughout, and many challenging situations for the protagonists to face.

One or two sequences I thought bordered on the incredible, but, as a whole, the book maintains plausibility. The world Clive Fleury has imagined is initially described with a relatively broad brush that sets the story within its context. But, as the action moves along, we are taken in more depth to a very specific aspect of this future world.

Here we have conspiracy, the survival instinct of the wealthy transformed into wanton criminality (so, nothing new there!), and the hopes of the decent majority kept depressed by excessive control.

The book is well written and entertaining. The sequences keep the reader turning the pages, and the denouement twists through convoluted action to deliver an inevitable conclusion with the promise of more to come. Unlike so many books that introduce a proposed series, this one has a proper ending and contains a full story.

This review is based on a complimentary pre-release copy.

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