A Political #Poem

Apologies to all my apolitical readers. Here in UK we’re going through a traumatic self-immolation created by a Government that cares more for a political party than for the good of the nation. As a writer, I feel it’s my role to make a point. I’ve done that here in the form of a poem, because if I expressed my views in plain text they’d be unprintable.

Leaving the Club

Change grows harder as years thicken
some ancient ones can yet recall
days spent under tables as enemy bombs
blasted out neighbour’s homes and friend’s lives
always remembered remain unforgiven

And the tribal ones resent all who come in
from beyond their narrow world their narrow view
with customs and traditions
strange beliefs in unknown pasts
to threaten their lifelong-held ideas

The wealthy make reasons of their own
to retain their riches and their greed
avoiding taxes keeping all
a game they’ve driven always
with enthusiasm and gusto

New voters the young people
with life all before them
ignored by controlling ancients
will bear the costs of these bad moves
and live with consequences never theirs

8 thoughts on “A Political #Poem

    1. Thank you, MindfulDoodles. Complex it is, and the media seem intent on continuing to make it even more complex, instead of doing their job and informing people, unfortunately.


  1. Apolitical? Who’s apolitical?
    Loved this, Stuart.

    Btw, don’t know if I let you know, my blog is now private, so if you click on it, you’ll be ask for permission. After I grant it, you can access it again.
    Hope to see you there.

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