Independence: Two Democracies: Revolution, by Alasdair Shaw: #BookReview.

Science Fiction

6,000 words

This free short story is a taster for what is currently a four-book series. In that role, it works well, drawing the reader into a world that begs to be explored further.

The writing style is tight, with little or no waste of words. The central theme, which appears to be a warning about the potential dangers of AI, is a valid carrier for the story. This is told from two points of view; the female commander of a star ship and someone on a weaponised AI ship.

The two viewpoints ramp up the tension and illustrate the differences of thinking between human and artificial intelligence.

We empathise with the starship commander readily enough, as she is a well-drawn character. The other narrator is more difficult, as we have little idea of his/her identity at the start of the story. And, as the tale progresses, although we recognise the reality, empathy is less easily achieved, though interest and the desire to know what will happen certainly spur the reader on to the end.

This is a book science fiction readers will easily understand and engage with; those unfamiliar with the category may encounter a few barriers to comprehension, however. A book for those who love the genre.

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