Yum,Yum, Grub in My Tum! #Poetry

Here’s a daft poem I wrote as light satire about the pretentiousness of certain eateries. You know, those places that seem to believe that food is more important than so many other aspects of life; the food porn-brokers, the food snobs, the food worshippers.

I’ve presented this in the form of a menu card, just for the fun of it.

With thanks to the Oxford ‘An AtoZ of Food and Drink‘ by John Ayto

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3 thoughts on “Yum,Yum, Grub in My Tum! #Poetry

  1. Food snobs are the worst, especially ‘food travel snobs’ who believe they know how to make burritos ‘the correct way’ simply because they’ve been to South America.

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    1. Ah, yes, Milly. Beware the amateur chef who’s travelled with the aim of impressing his friends with acquired partial knowledge, eh?
      I’ve always thought the whole idea of food (and drink) snobbery to be foolish, since we all have entirely different tastes and some, like my wife, have conditions that make certain food taste utterly disgusting!
      Liking a popular food no more makes a person a ‘peasant’ than liking something exotic makes a person a gourmand!

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      1. You’re exactly right! I wish so much I could have said exactly this to my friend (who is actually no longer my friend), as she really offended me when she told me my burritos ‘were wrong’!

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