A Protest Poem.

Are You Proud of Your Record to Date Mrs May?

Are you proud of your record to date Mrs May
Are you proud of the men in your club
Do they fill every day with delight at their pranks
Do they make every dream come alive

Or do you each night hide in your bed
As nightmares return to your head
Do you cringe at the absurd incompetence
Of those you have placed in such power

When you hear all their words of complacency
Does your heart swell with pleasure and joy
At their callous dismissal of all who they hurt
Or does your conscience rebel at their neglect

For you see Mrs May it is we who are troubled
We who pay for your indifference
To the children who die on the streets of the Yemen
The children at home you make poor

You cling to your power regardless of cost
Though one thought would reveal all the lies
Do you convince yourself each broken night
With the lie that you’re working for all

Do you see what your clinging to dogma has done
Do you see where your failures have led
Do you care one jot for the lot of the poor
As you cherish your millionaire friends

You have at the tips of your cold selfish fingers
A way to bring harmony peace and great joy
To the millions you serve in your office of pride
A way to bring down all the walls that divide

But your hunger for power and your fear of its loss
Blinds you to what your actions create
Your constant platitudes do nothing of value
Your promises lie every time

Your actions will measure your worth in the end
All have so far brought great harm
To our country our people our whole way of life
As you sit in your world unconcerned

At injustice and rampant disparity
At misery and despair of the destitute
Who lack the privilege of your high friends
At all the lost choices our children

Might otherwise have in your reign
History will judge you callous uncaring
A despot without heart or soul
Your blindness to all that your time has destroyed

Will condemn you to failure and in the end
Will unseat you with nothing to show for your reign
But a country left scrabbling for scraps on its knees
A country divided and dying from sickness ignored

You’ve condemned our National Health to slow death
Overseen a rash process to split from our friends
Sold arms to regimes that bully and murder
Made poor more of your people than wealthy

We who you’re supposed to represent
Are let down frustrated impoverished enraged
As you fail every day to do something good
To improve the lives of the many you serve

So I ask you again Mrs May are you proud
Of your failing to benefit us
Of your ignorant clinging to dogma and custom
That’s brought down the country you lead?

© Stuart Aken.

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6 thoughts on “A Protest Poem.

    1. Thanks, Sassy. I don’t think I’ve ever known a period in politics when the country was so starkly divided, and I’ve been voting since 1966! Chaos, complacency, and self-interest rule today, and May’s continued rant about a second referendum being an afront to democracy is just her being terrified that such an event would simply allow us all to realise that if one voting session can be repeated due to the lies that caused the result, maybe other votes could be similarly challenged. That, of course, would then mean our politicians would actually have to tell the truth when trying to get elected; a real precedent that none of those cheats and liars would welcome!


  1. She’ made a real mess of things. How she can lose a major vote by over 400+ votes then survive a leadership vote 24 hours later is truly mystifying. She must have called in a lot of favours. I liked the poem yet I hoped it was going to be a bit more satirical and nasty.

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    1. Thanks, Tom. It was tempting to increase the vitriol, but I hoped a little less nastiness might allow those of a Tory nature to at least read it!


    1. Thanks, Sally. I’d have liked a few internal rhymes, but felt function was more vital than form here. I never set out to create a rhyming poem, more a free form set of verses, which seems to be more usual with protest poetry.
      And you’re right, both our nations are currently governed by people who are totally unsuited to the role. I fear for the future for our children!


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