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Capturing the Creative Craving

Children at the edge of the North Sea, Hornsea, East Yorkshire, England.

This year I’m determined to concentrate on my creative needs. I write and I take photographs. I also love making pictures with pencil, pen, and paint, though those skills I’ve yet to hone.

So, these Wednesday posts will display my efforts in this direction. Providing motivation to produce something new every week, in whatever medium takes my fancy for those days. I hope my efforts will inspire, entertain, provoke or, at least, provide something worth viewing. I’d love your feedback in the form of comments below. And, if you feel inclined, please share it using the buttons down there. Thank you.

Today’s efforts: a simple photograph taken on the beach of a seaside town where I went to school and a short poem on that childhood experience. We lived out of town, in a railway wagon perched on the very edge of the crumbling cliffs.

A Seaside Childhood

Bare feet scrunching grains of gold
Sea that crashes dashes splashes
On a brown dark crumbling cliff of clay
To climb and wonder at the far off
Flashing storms on the horizon

Running funning sunning under cloudless blue
Chasing waves as exploring braves
Skimming flat stones counting bounces
Castles built of cool damp sand and shells
Barefoot walks along the beach to school

And best our Bohemian home on wheels
Iron discs once that ran on iron rails
Now in grass stuck in a quiet field
Granddad’s wooden steps of green climb to
The old Pullman coach edged upon the cliff

Three years unrestricted open bliss
Mother shading seascapes on hard board
Father roaring off to work on two loud wheels
Kids allowed to roam with not a fear of adults
Skipping running playing laughing under sun.

4 Responses to “Capturing the Creative Craving”

    • stuartaken

      Words are powerful: that pen really is mightier than the sword, when viewed from the wider perspective. And, as writers, we wield those words to maximum effect, I hope!



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