2 Steps to Greater Exposure.

Share buttons

In common with many writers, I support other authors. But some websites and blogs make this very difficult. Or, at least, do nothing to make it easy. We’re all busy people; time is our most precious resource. It’s sensible to make sharing your output as simple as possible. When Jo visits your site and sees something her friends/followers will find interesting, she needs you to help her spread the word. So, on your website or blog, please use these two simple features:

  1. List an archive of your posts. (If you want something more substantial, produce an archive page.) This lets visitors select and share posts of interest. Without it, a visitor might search your site for something to share, or, more likely, not bother. Which would you prefer. If you don’t know how to do it, ask your favourite search engine ‘How do I list my archive on my WordPress website?’ and, if necessary, substitute ‘Wordpress’ with the name of your website/blog provider.
  2. Add ‘share’ buttons to your posts. Again, this is easy: ask your search engine ‘How do I add share buttons to my WordPress website?’ and substitute as above. You’ll find loads of free buttons if you ask the same sort of question of your search engine and look for images. Simple.

Seriously, these straightforward steps will help visitors share your posts and increase your reader/visitor numbers. And they’ll save me, and others who want to help, a lot of time. So, what’s not to like?

Oh, and while my soapbox continues to support me, may I add that a ‘Like’ on a post is nice, but a ‘Share’ is much more productive.