Revealing the Cover.

Too revealing? There’s a good solid reason; it’s based on the story. You’ll notice the guy is also revealed. In fact, all six characters who star in this new novel find themselves in a situation where clothing is a low priority, or certainly should be. After all, wearing the clothes they normally sleep in, they’re …

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The Time has Come!

I wrote it last year. Started the long, and somewhat convoluted, process of editing, both as self-editor initially and then with my publisher’s editors, early this year. We now have a launch date for my latest novel. So, I suppose I’d better let you all know what it’s called, especially now this information was released …

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2 Steps to Greater Exposure.

Share buttons In common with many writers, I support other authors. But some websites and blogs make this very difficult. Or, at least, do nothing to make it easy. We’re all busy people; time is our most precious resource. It’s sensible to make sharing your output as simple as possible. When Jo visits your site …

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My Route to a Publisher

Below you'll find a link to a short post from the blog run by the writing group I belong to. It shows, in very few words, how I came to be published instead of only self-published. And it offers the chance of a similar route to other writers.