Pandora, by Joshua Grant: #BookReview.


388 Pages

Horror/Action Adventure.

Imagination is a crucial element in any work of fiction, and here it reaches new heights, especially in terms of human ambition and the lengths some will travel to fulfil it.

This novel is a mix of horror, fantasy, science fiction, adventure and thriller. But, in merging the genres and developing a truly credible cast of characters, Joshua Grant has moved beyond all these genres into a truly engaging and thrilling story.

There are, inevitably it seems these days, a few editing glitches, but these are few, and fail to interrupt the narrative.

We have here a story wound around people we can empathise with and care about. They’re immersed in a situation that allows the author to ramp up the tension and expand his imaginative descriptive powers to turn the book into a real page turner. Monsters aplenty feature in the tale, and the very visceral nature of these horrors is the stuff of nightmare.

Unlike so many thrillers, this one deals with compelling themes and we are faced here with betrayal, greed, self-interest on an epic scale, delusion, and, as an essential element, the power of love to overcome.

At times the reader needs a break from action and tension, and the author is sympathetic to that need, but only for long enough to allow the empathetic reader to catch their metaphorical breath. Then we are plunged back into the action, threat, turmoil and emotional paradox that faces our protagonists.

That this is an opening to a series is evident only in the final pages of the book. But, unlike so many series, this book is complete and will stand alone if that’s what the reader wants. The promise of more to come is just that, and the decision whether to engage with further volumes is entirely left to the reader: there’s no need to read on simply to discover the end of this particular tale. And I applaud the author for that stance. It shows he cares more about telling the tale than driving readers to buy more books.

This is a book that gripped me from start to finish. I wish I could have read it in one sitting, but life, as usual, got in the way!


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