The #Writing’s Done. What Now?


I’ve spent the better part of three years on a project, writing a novel each year, and found the void at the end of that process strangely debilitating. So, what do I do know?

Fantastic Books Publishing launched Blood Red Dust, book 1 of the Generation Mars series, on 18th October 2016. War Over Dust, book 2 of the trilogy, was launched on 1st August 2017. And Return to Dust, the last in the series is available now prior to the launch at Fantasticon 2018 on 1st September 2018.

Obviously, I’m excited about the publication of the series, and look forward to the first reviews of Return to Dust, and continuing feedback from readers for the other two.

But the question remains: what do I do now?

A writer’s not a writer unless writing. But what to write? What will fill the gap? What will satisfy my creative spirit and keep me from drowning in the ubiquitous negativity that almost overwhelms our current world?

I’ve neglected my short stories during those three years, so I’ll revisit some of the stuff I’ve written and never moved into publication or contest entries. And I’ll sit down again at the keyboard and create new stories, the way I did before I was so deeply absorbed in the novel writing.

Another creative route I anticipate exploring is poetry. I’ve indulged in the odd piece of protest poetry and one or two verses of appreciation for those I love. But I’ve never given poetry the deep attention it deserves, so I’ll do that, too.

And I’m a very visually orientated person. I’ve been a photographer since my teens. For the early part of my working life I was a professional photographer. These days, I rarely leave the house without my Nikon DSLR, and my collection of photographs (11,573 images) grows almost daily. Some of those images have found their way onto an online library site. Here’s just one example.

zSilver Birch and Ivy (1)

You can see the full size original for this here.

Picfair is a photographic agency that allows its contributors a reasonable reward for their efforts, unlike many of the others, where the creator of the image receives very little.

But my mother was a painter; she worked mostly in oils and acrylic and never had enough time, or the resources, to fulfil the potential her undoubted talent promised before she was killed in a car crash at the age of 44, just 2 days after my 16th birthday.

I worked as a graphics technician for a while, and learned from the drawing master, ‘You have eyes. Here is paper. Here is a pencil. You can draw.’ That was his response when I said, ‘I wish I could draw.’ So, I’m also going to do a bit more in the way of creating pictures with pencil, pen, brush and charcoal.

Here’s a first attempt: a short poem ‘Comma stop colon’, and an accompanying charcoal effort. I’d love to know your reactions. Thanks.

to punctuate

For those who won’t make it to sunny Cleethorpes, a resort on the coast of Lincolnshire in England, for Fantasticon 2018, where I’ll be in attendance to sign copies, here are links for you to grab a copy now!

You can obtain tickets for the convention through this link.

UK:  ebook from AmazonPaperback from Amazon.

USA:  from Amazon.

For those outside the UK/USA, you can edit the url by substituting  your domestic branch for either .com or I’ll organise a universal link when Amazon amalgamate the two editions.

Alternatively, you can try the publisher’s link here for both editions.

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  1. Congratulations on publishing the trilogy! Fantastic news! It sounds like you have many of the same interests that I do – the painting, drawing and photography. I look forward to seeing the result of your other creative pursuits. And best of luck with the book launch!

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