Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.

Return to Dust

It’s done! It’s out! It’s available to buy (and review)! Right now!

Okay, so an overindulgence in apostrophes. I’m excited. Delighted. Eager.

The book is no longer a Work In Progress, so this is the last post in this series. There’ll be more on the book, of course: I’d like everyone to read it, after all. But this is the last post headed as ‘Progress on the WIP’.

I was going to post a title reveal, but that’s here now for the reading: Return to Dust, follows the tale from Blood Red Dust, through War Over Dust, to the conclusion of the story told in the trilogy.

I was going to do a cover reveal, but that’s been superseded by events, as the picture here reveals it in all its glory, following the theme from the previous two books. My thanks to Gabi Grubb for her design on these.

So, for those of you who won’t make it to sunny Cleethorpes, a resort on the coast of Lincolnshire in England, for Fantasticon 2018, where I’ll be in attendance to sign copies, here are the links for you to grab a copy now! You can obtain tickets for the convention through this link.

UK:  ebook from AmazonPaperback from Amazon.

USA: ebook from Amazon. Paperback from Amazon.

For those outside the UK/USA, you can use the url: domestic branch)/dp/B07G78NTN5 for the ebook, or domestic branch)Return-Dust-3-Generation-Mars/dp/1912053853 for the paperback. I’ll organise a universal link as soon as Amazon amalgamates the two editions.

Alternatively, you can try the publisher’s link here for both editions.

And, if you buy the ebook through the link below (in UK only), you’ll earn me a tiny bonus through my Amazon Associate account and it’ll cost you no more. Thank you.

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