Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.


Well, it’s back with the publisher.  The finished MS ran out to 75949 words, though whether that will be the published total depends on how the editor sees my changes. I’m expecting to have the book back for some minor tweaks and the odd typo, etc. But I’m relatively confident the MS I delivered on Sunday was more the book they were expecting.

I still don’t know how they received the wrong file the first time, but at least I’ve been able to send them something much more ready for publication this time. And, along the way, I’ve added a few more character points, one or two extra barriers, and a little more tension.

I’m writing this on Monday night to schedule it for Wednesday, when I’ll be on my way back from Lyme Regis after a visit to my wife’s cousin and his wife.

I’m hoping the next post will maybe reveal the title, maybe even a preview of the cover, who knows? With luck, we’re still on track for a Fantasticon 2018 launch. I certainly hope so, as a lot of fans come to that event so they can collect signed copies.

Anyway, we’ll see what next week brings, and hope it’s all positive news.

Stay tuned for the next instalment.