Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.


And the tale continues. This book’s been subject to a number of interruptions during its creation. Not least was the collapse of my iMac, it’s replacement with a Windows 10 PC, and the appallingly drawn-out and unnecessarily complex issue of transferring files from iCloud to MS OneNote.

I’ve dealt with corrupted files along the way, lost some data, retrieved older files and restored them to be used in a new form. In short, the whole process has been something of a nightmare.

When I received the editing notes from the publisher, I hoped it would prove a more or less straightforward, if demanding, job. I should be so lucky. Whilst working on the final chapters, I noticed some anomalies: items I’d changed significantly in the final draft had reverted to an earlier version. Odd. I checked the ending, which I’d substantially changed prior to sending the MS to the publisher and, oh no! It also showed the earlier version.

No idea how, but two files seem to have merged and arrived at the publishers. No wonder there were so many remarks from the editor: she’d received a version only half edited by me!

So, I’ve now replaced those later chapters with the correct ones. But, of course, I’d already made textual changes to earlier chapters that impact on the later ones, so I’m now on the final check before sending back the complete MS.

It’s been a pretty obsessive time for me, concentrating fully on the book, with little time for anything else, other than aspects of life already planned and organised for the period concerned.

I’m hoping to have the whole thing finished by this time tomorrow, though it’s more likely to be Saturday.

So, once again, my apologies for the late report. I realised very late yesterday that I’d neglected to post this weekly report. By that time, I was getting ready for a group meal organised some time ago with the local badminton club Valerie and I belong to. A lift was on the way, so I had no time to do this at that time, and I’d shared wine when we returned late last night, so was not fit to put in the work then.

On with the work today. I’ll be doing more after I post this piece.

Next week, I’ll be away on Wednesday, so I’ll schedule that post before I leave.