Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.


As a general rule, authors dislike dealing with the edits sent them by their publishers. It’s often a battleground between competing egos. However, I welcome the chance to correct those things that escaped my attention by being too close to the creation.

I’m on the third pass through the MS, having already done the full sweep. But, and this is something we all worry over, I was correcting some minor inconsistencies revealed by the publisher’s editor, and happy they’d been spotted. In the process, I was prompted to examine a specific aspect of the story I’d thought was fine. But the more I looked at this small stage, the more a gaping gap revealed itself. That it hadn’t been spotted by my beta reader, the publisher’s editors, of even yours truly was a little alarming.

No matter. I’d seen it in time to prevent the book going to print with what would otherwise become a glaring problem. Science fiction, by its very nature, involves the combination of known science with those predictions the author can research and those he derives from imagination. Whilst it’s okay to present a story with events and tech ‘impossible’ for current science and knowledge, it’s vital to ensure the story elements remain plausible in light of the imagined settings and new science. Possible and plausible are not the same.

The inconsistency I spotted was quite serious. I couldn’t let it go unrepaired. So, that’s where I am at present. Fixing the problem. It’s meant the removal of some new characters and their replacement with characters who featured in the earlier two books. Some serious adjustments are needed. It’s a lot of work, and I’ve been starting early in the mornings and working up to 12 hours a day to sort it out. But I’ve finally plugged the gap in the story in my head.

Now I’m putting all that into the written text. That’s already expanded to 78,163 words; unusual for this type of edit to increase the word count, but that’s what’s needed.

This will take time. I may even miss the self-imposed deadline to get the book ready for publication in time for Fantasticon 2018. But I can’t let it go out in its current form. It has to be right, for my sake, but especially from respect for my readers. So, please bear with me. I’ll get the work done. Get the book out to you. It may just take a little longer than I’d hoped.

Thank you for your patience, and, please watch this space for further news.