Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.


Now the serious editing has started: I received the publisher’s editing notes on Monday and I’ve been beavering away at them ever since.

Both the creation and my editing of the book were interrupted by several events over which I had no control. And my final editing session was done under pressure of knowing I’d be in hospital, and out of action, for a short while. It wasn’t my finest effort, to be honest.

The great team of editors that Dan, owner of Fantastic Books Publishing, keeps locked in his cellar, have done a fine job on the MS. I’m now in the process of sifting through their suggestions and implementing all those I agree with. It’s a painstaking process, requiring some toing and froing with the text to get everything absolutely right.

The time away from the work between when I sent the MS off and when I received the notes has been useful in distancing me from the story. It makes it easier to approach changes with a fresh eye.

So, that’s where we’re at for now. I hesitate to put a date on the probable completion: suffice to say that it’s getting my full attention, as we’re hoping to publish at the beginning of September and launch at Fantasticon 2018 in Cleethorpes. Whether that happens is really down to my speed of amendment.

That concentration on the task, by the way, is the reason for this post being a day late this week. Sorry.

Watch this space for further news.