Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.


Six chapters to go, and the MS stands at 68,660 words, a record low word count for one of my novels!

Thursday, I was driven to hospital by a kind and friendly volunteer from a local service that provides rides for people on such missions. I won’t bore, or distress, you with details of the knife or its consequences. Enough to say I was considered fit for release on Saturday, and arrived home, via another volunteer, around 17:30. Sunday, I spent mostly at rest with my wife. Bright sunshine rendered the garden a wonderful place to sit and contemplate. Monday was mostly spent catching up on social networks and writing a review of one of the three books I read whilst captive in bed. Tuesday I managed to get some work done on the book, and today a little more, as well as the other two reviews written and posted.

The remaining 6 chapters are fast-paced moves towards the climax, the denouement in process. A lot is happening and characters are under severe stress and threat of imminent death. Will I lose any? You’ll have to read the book to find out. Will I be able to tell you the title of the new book? Tune in next week for another thrilling instalment.

4 thoughts on “Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.

  1. Take it easy my friend. At 61 I’m still recovering from throat cancer two years ago. Still, have some days when all my get and go got up and went. Still can’t talk worth a damn.

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    1. That’s rough, Tom. But hopefully the surgery has removed the cancer completely. There appear to be various devices now available for throat cancer sufferers to help them talk. I imagine you’ve investigated those. At least the voice of a writer occurs on the page without the need for sound.
      My own need was prostate surgery and, following the op, where they send samples for analysis, I am at least clear of cancer. The procedure is undignified, painful and energy-sapping, but after a week I’m feeling a lot better and the bleeding seems to have stopped. Can’t exercise for a couple more weeks or lift anything, or drive. But that’ll soon pass. And I can now pee without restriction, which is a real improvement!
      I understand the lack of get up and go. Mine got up and went for a full 10 years, when I had ME/CFS, but I came out of that on retirement and have never looked back, though the symptoms of Sarcoidosis, which can be similar, sometimes recur from my bout way back in the 1970s. Still, I managed the Great North Run, a half marathon, in September 2016, so I feel I’m doing well.
      Looking forward to my longer walks in the forest with my wife starting again in a few weeks: great for the spirit and the writer’s imagination.
      Take care and look after yourself. And good luck with the writing.

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