Illinois Native Americans, by In60Learning: #BookReview.


Subtitled ‘A 9,000 Year Civilisation’, this little book is part of a project aimed at providing readers with concise histories that can be enjoyed as text or is an audiobook version. The idea is sensible and welcome.

I know absolutely nothing about American Native Indians, other than the terribly distorted view that TV’s cowboy programmes in the UK provided during the 1960s and 70s. It was that ignorance that prompted me to try this particular title. I’m glad I did, as it’s given me information I would otherwise never have known.

If I have a reservation (pun unintended) it’s to do with some of the sentence structure, which occasionally jarred. The sense was always accessible from context, but some sentences were written in a slightly odd style.

That said, the content was very good. A little repetition, which in a text book is no bad thing, since it emphasises certain points. The chapters are headed by contemporary quotes from people of the time. And the information is fascinating; a good way to have those initial prejudices well and truly put in their place.

An interesting account of an old civilisation and culture. And a useful taster of the type of information these short books contain.


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Here’s a link to in60Learning so you can explore the other titles available.