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Writers, Quirky? Surely Not!

The infographic below came to me via the custom-writing blog  I think many visitors to this site might find it interesting, so here it is for your delectation. Enjoy!


6 Responses to “Writers, Quirky? Surely Not!”

  1. Glen available

    Cups of coffee have fuelled many a writer’s imagination and stamina but 50 a day?!

    In the case of Honor De Balzac (1799 – 1850) that number would surely have qualified the French Novelist for Starbuck’s ‘Customer of the Month’ award many times over!

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    • stuartaken

      It would send me completely round the bend, Glen. I’m caffeine intolerant, so I have to make do with a single cup a day, or I develop all sorts of odd side effects!



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