70 Solutions to Common #Writing Mistakes, by Bob Mayer: #BookReview.

70 solutions

If you’re a writer just starting out or, better still, someone thinking of starting to write, this is a useful book. It also contains reminders of good, and bad, habits to keep established writers on track.

So much has been written about the craft of writing that a lot of the advice in this little book is duplicated elsewhere. But the presentation here makes it accessible and easy to follow.

This isn’t a book to make you into a great writer: only application, talent, imagination, and a lot of work will move you in that direction. But the advice given here should keep you on the journey and help you avoid the potholes of procrastination and the sideroads of bad habits.

I won’t list all 70 of the topics covered, but amongst the treasures you’ll find ‘Not Starting’, Thinking You’re the Exception to the Rule’, ‘Waiting for the Mood to Strike’, Playing out your Personal Demons on the Page’, ‘Saying the Same Thing Over and Over, and ‘Creating a Weak Antagonist’. And those subject headings give a flavour of the tone of the book.

I’ve been writing fiction for about five hundred years, published a good number of novels and short stories, and I found useful reminders here. It’s a useful little manual to help you write in ways that are likely to at least point you in the right direction.

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I wrote this review from a .PDF copy I was given some time ago. Only now have I discovered Bob has expanded the book into ‘102 Solutions to Common Writing Mistakes’. It covers the same ground, plus some additional material, making it a more up-to-date and relevant book.