I Used to Be, by Mary Brown: #BookReview.


This wonderfully written novel explores the relationship between two very different women. One is a divorced mother struggling to cope with the loss of a child, and the other a very young single woman coping with a major change in her chaotic life.

The main characters are drawn with a vivid clarity that ensures the reader will empathise with both, even though their lifestyles and backgrounds are so utterly contrary in so many ways. Lesser characters are also well depicted, so that we can see all the players and live along with them.

The prose is poetic in style but easy to read, with descriptions of places, people, events and emotions presented in ways that bring everything to life on the page.

It’s a moving story, full of contrasts in attitudes, life choices, emotions and viewpoints. And the denouement is produced with such honesty that many readers will be moved to tears.

I enjoyed this truly outstanding work of fiction. A book that gives insights into the lives of others to raise our appreciation of what it is to be human.


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