Inanimate Objects, Again!


On Tuesday I wrote a short tale of woe about my Mac that deprived me of the means to work over the weekend, and also lost me some photographs. I could pretend someone, somewhere, has it in for me, but I recognise the random nature of such events and feel no personal threat from the fates.

Last Friday, I decided to attack the bath with a plunger to help the waste water escape more rapidly.


The bathroom suite’s rather ancient, maybe as old as the house, built in the 1970s. The screw holding the waste trap to the plughole had corroded. The force of my attack was the final straw and the trap parted from the pipe and all the water in the bath flowed out onto the bathroom floor.

Oh, good!

Fortunately, I’ve made some very good friends here in the village. And one of them runs a home maintenance company. I gave him a call and was very swiftly visited by Nigel and his son, Ashley. Between them, they fixed the leak whilst Valerie and I mopped up the mess from the carpet and caught the drips from the ceiling of the dining room below the bathroom.

Sorted. Lovely!

In an entirely unrelated incident, we returned from a day spent at the hospital yesterday, where I was finally presented with some positive movement in a long-term problem, and decided on a small celebration for the evening. All was well, as we relaxed with wine, our feet up, watching a comedy on the telly.

Bang! Gush!

I leapt upstairs to discover the flexible hose feeding the hot water tap in the basin (in the bathroom; same old suite!) had exploded, making a fair sized hole through which water was escaping at amazing speed and volume. I turned on the taps in the basin and the bath to reduce the pressure of the deluge. Valerie set about finding containers to catch the waterfall. And I dove into the garage to find and turn off the stopcock. No effect at all. The water continued to gush.

I called Nigel again. This was nine o’clock at night. He drove through the pouring rain and helped me out. I finally returned to the garage to discover a second stopcock, closed that and the water ceased at last. The result of the water leak was a power outage to parts of the house, and no water, no central heating. The night was forecast to be very cold. I sent Nigel home with thanks for his help and his promise of tradesmen to fix the problem in the morning. A quick visit to neighbours Sean and Lissa provided us with buckets of water and some jugs and bottles for drinking.

Before nine o’clock this morning, Nick and Antony arrived, as snow began to fall, and started the necessary work. They replaced the flexible hose and installed a dedicated isolation valve that can be used should any further work ever be needed on that pipe and the attached tap. Then they set about restoring our power to those parts that had lost it.

Two hours later, we were back to normal, but with a soaking bathroom carpet, which I rolled and dumped in the garage. The floor has dried now. No further damage to the dining room below. And we have heating again!

Tonight we’ll try to relax again, safe in the knowledge that help is on hand should we need it. Hopefully, we won’t, but it’s good to know such neighbours and friends exist, isn’t it?

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    1. Moi? Wicked, deserving of divine retribution, garnering the karma of previous lives led in evil pursuits? Nah, Glen. As an ‘evangelical agnostic’ I’m either the victim of some cruel deity I refuse to believe in, or, more likely, I’m getting all the bad stuff out of the way in preparation for a future of benign, pleasurable, unlimited ecstasy. The latter is my chosen interpretation, so I guess I’ll have to keep remembering to buy those bloody lottery tickets in the hope I’ll get the cash needed to have real fun in this life, eh?
      It’s wonderful to live life in a delusional bubble; maybe the only way to deal with the insanity of a world ruled by money, greed and power-seekers. Oops! Sorry, slipped into cynical seriousness there!

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