Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.

It wasn’t as neat as this before I decided to take the photo!

The first draft has been read, notes made, hair pulled out, swear words shouted, mutterings and curses mumbled. And, occasionally, whoops of joy that I’ve actually created a story have been heard.

Now the work begins, however.

Some chapters are out of synch. My ruminations on this element had me wondering whether to move the chaps around to make them fall in line with a linear presentation of the story, or leave them be but modify them so they read as backstory. In the end, the linear approach appears to be best, so some movement is needed. I’m currently ensuring the dates all make sense so I can move the bits with confidence. That’s a surprisingly time-consuming process, but one I need to complete before continuing. One potential result is the disruption of the story structure, meaning I may need to remove and/or add points of tension. But that’s par for the course when writing as a pantster.

If you’ve read the previous post (here’s the link), you’ll know I had a major computer meltdown during the week. It wasted 3 days of my time, but has, fortunately, now been resolved.

I’ll keep you informed of progress.

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    1. Ah, the edits from the editors, Noelle. I have yet to reach those dizzy heights. And coffee rarely soothes me; now, a drop of red wine….


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