Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.

snowy dunes on Mars
Snowy dunes on Mars, courtesy NASA.

Last week I reached a total of 18,835 words; this week’s total is 25082. I’ve added 3 new chapters and completed all the character sketches. I have two of the original chapters to modify to take account of changes I made last week. Otherwise, the story is going well and I’m enjoying its creation.

The week has been less productive than it might otherwise have been because I live in a forest and the recent snow caused trees to fall and cut off our power 3 times during the week, at one time for 7 hours. But that bad weather seems to have ended today and I hope the coming week will see me producing more words.

Also, I’m a trustee for the charity that runs the local village hall and we decided to save money by doing the internal decoration ourselves. The only time available, due to use, was Sunday, so I spent the morning with a couple of others, slapping emulsion onto the walls.

Our daily walks in the woods for spiritual refreshment and inspiration continued, although there were days when we had to either skirt fallen trees or drag them off the path to allow access. And, on one day, the village shop was reduced to serving customers by torchlight and using a hand held calculator to work out the shopping bills! Plus, we spent a lovely hour or so using Mac’s Facetime to converse with our daughter and her boyfriend in Australia. And we indulged in the treat of a smashing lunch at the village pub.

All in all, a fairly eventful week. Let’s see what the next seven days produce!

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