Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.

Last week I reported I had 11,985 words. As a result of the notes I made, I’ve now added another 3 characters to the cast of players (I need to add another 5 for future chapters, but I already know their names and have an idea of their natures and ambitions, so I only have to formalise their character sketches, which are already started).

I’ve added 3 new chapters and begun a 4th, so the total words at present are 18,835, and the story is developing even better than expected. More tension, more action, more relationships, and some new science based ideas brought into play.

After a dodgy start, I feel as though it’s all coming together now. I’m loving the characters, enjoying the settings, and living the story as I write it, which is the way I love to create.

So, as my publisher, Dan, of Fantastic Books Publishing would say, ‘Onward!’

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