Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.


Dare I say it? Have I scaled the final barrier to creating the first draft?

Last week I reported I had 11,985 words. I also noted that certain details were missing from my memory and I needed to read the first two books again to aid my failing powers of recall. I’ve now done that and made copious notes, added to the research material already compiled.

The result is that the current first draft needs significant change. And that means I’ve added only 505 new words since last week. However, I’ve also created a couple more character sketches for people who were previously only ‘names’ and who will now become active participants, and another for the new cast I’m still developing for action on Earth: some action takes place on Mars, but some also happens on Earth.

The new notes needed sorting and placing in order to be usable, and that’s now done. So far, since reading the first two books, I’ve completed the note process and started amending the first draft. This is something I almost never do, as I prefer to write a first draft without consulting the text as I create it. But there were so many missing features, and excluded characters, that I really had to start again. Chapter 1 is now in place and I’m about to start chapter 2.

More importantly than all of this, I had a true ‘light bulb’ moment this morning over breakfast. That will result in a far more dramatic climax than I’d previously envisioned. In fact, I suspect that new ending, together with the missing details now gathered via the notes, is what stopped me really getting to grips with this final book in the series. I’m expecting to be able to move forward at a reasonable speed now.

Whether that happens in practice will be revealed over the next few weeks.

Wish me luck!