Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.


It hasn’t been the most productive week. But I’ve made some progress.

Still having issues with my Mac following the corruption of the OS and installation of Lightroom 6 by Adobe. I have a lot of photographs; the current count is 17,661. Some of these, for Picfair, are close to 30MB each. Lightroom has a number of known issues (which I discovered only after downloading the app, of course!) that Adobe don’t seem too bothered to address. The upshot is that my catalogue, the basic file structure module of the photo application, is taking forever to load and freezing my Mac for long periods. I’m keen to get this problem sorted, as I use my photos to illustrate posts and they’re currently difficult to access. So, much time being wasted due to a program fault over which I have no control. Ultimately, I’ll find a fix, but in the meantime I’m being seriously frustrated.

Added to the technical issue is a medical problem with my left eye. Something unknown occurred whilst I was on holiday on the Greek island of Rhodes and the resultant optical problem is under investigation now I’m back in the UK. Yesterday, I spent a good deal of the day in the Imaging Department of the local hospital having a CT Scan. The side effect of the eye problem is that close work is difficult as my eyes are not synchronising, so I’m fighting double vision when looking at the screen, which eventually results in a headache and the need to rest my eyes. Irritating, and it makes it difficult to spend long periods at the computer.

In the evening, I spent a couple of hours at the monthly meeting of trustees for the local community hall, as I’m one of the trustees.

So, I’ve had some interruptions to my normal routine and the time I’ve been able to devote to writing has been severely curtailed.

Today, in an attempt to raise my spirits, my wife and I had a beautifully lazy start to the day, followed by a walk up to a local pub to enjoy a ‘pensioners’ lunch. It’s a lovely walk; steep climbs and wooded trails with a few paved and stepped walks to reach the place. Wonderful weather kept us marvelling at the beauty of the place we live. The meal was tasty, and the landlady entertaining. We took a different route back, walking along by the river for a short stretch before climbing back up the valley to our home.

All that means I’ve done no writing today (the shared bottle of Prosecco left me relaxed but unsuited to creating the story). I spent a while watching a video presentation relating to cataloguing on Lightroom 6, and then realised I hadn’t done this week’s post on progress.

Eyes are now tired again, so this’ll be my final bit of work for today.

So, what progress have I made? Well, rather unusually for me, I revisited the first chapter and rewrote it; something I’ve never done. But I felt the need to correct certain aspects before I continued the story. I’ve started chapter 2 and so far have a total of 2269 words. So, slow progress. But I’ll get there eventually.

Sorry I can’t give you more positive news at the moment. But watch this space and I’ll report on progress as usual each Wednesday.