Creative #Writing #Contests Table Updated

zWeird Cloud Formation

Weird cloud formation. See the full-size version here.

Here’s your monthly reminder that the writing contest table has been updated. I update frequently; in fact, whenever I come across new contest details. I also subscribe to a few sources for information to pass on to you here. However, please be aware that I began my annual retreat from the internet on 25th September and won’t be back online until the middle of October, so the table will remain as it was on 24th September during that period. I will, however, catch up on the details as soon as I’m back at the keyboard.

Make sure you submit your entries in plenty of time. There are spectacular prizes to be had. Some are FREE to enter. And think of the kudos if you win a prize!

The table updates each time I save it, so whenever you visit the page, it’s as current as it is on my Mac. Access it by clicking here.

Have fun and get some cash from your writing.

The picture is for inspiration and is one of over 500 I have on, where users can select from over 20 million images to use for any purpose whatever. My prices are reasonable. You’ll find my collection with this link.

If you’d like a monthly reminder in your email, please add your details on the small form at top of the right-hand column on the ‘Blog’ page. Neither I, nor WordPress, will spam you, but you’ll receive an informative email each time I post.

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