Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.


Waroverdust1000Blood Red Dust is on the shelves. War Over Dust has just appeared as a Kindle, available from your local Amazon.

The launch for that will still officially be 2nd September at Fantasticon in Hull, but you can now obtain your copy as an ebook and get ahead of the pack. Maybe even read/review it before the official launch? Just a thought.

However, the point of this post is to inform you about the current WIP. That’s right, I’ve actually started work on the third, and final, book in the Generation Mars series. I even have a title (not for public consumption at present). The starting process was initiated by one of those bright light moments that sometimes come in the night. I had to get up and write a cryptic note for myself, otherwise I’d never have got back to sleep, and 03.05 is no time to be getting up! Anyway, the idea was something I couldn’t ignore and served as a signal to begin the new book.

So far, I’ve opened a Scrivener file and added some notes and begun the process of putting my people in place. Long, long way to go yet, but the journey is started. I hope you’ll join me along that bumpy route. There won’t always be a great deal of progress, especially in these early days. The way I work means a lot of initial preparation never leaves the confines of the void that pretends to be a brain within the cavity of my skull. So, there won’t be a lot to report until the first words are forced onto the pages. But we have, at least, started!

Join me here and I’ll keep you informed of progress.