Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.


Well, that’s about it. Today, I finished the line edits and content edits sent by my publisher. It’s been a pretty intense period, with long hours staring at the screen and trying to get the best word(s) in place. I’ve printed the whole book off now (222 pages in Word) and will read it through to make a final check before I send the MS back in time for my deadline of the end of June.

Soon, I hope, we’ll have the cover. That’s something I always look forward to. Somehow, that first sight of the cover of a new book makes the whole project real.

So this is a short piece tonight; I’m knackered! It’s now 19:51 and I started work on the book this morning at 06:05, so I think I might treat myself to a drink.

Watch this space for further news of War Over Dust, the second book in the Generation Mars series.

In the meantime, make sure you read book one, so you’re primed for the continuing story. You can get Blood Red Dust here from the publisher, or here from your local Amazon store. And, of course, it’s available from all leading book retailers.

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