Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.


The work continues. All characters have now been subjected to scrutiny for consistency in their various appearances through the book. Some selected words have been substituted, and certain terms have been introduced. One or two special features are now included to make the story more in keeping with the future in which it’s set.

I’m finally at the stage, due to start tomorrow, of feeding each chapter through Prowritingaid’s grammar checker. This will remove unintended repetitions, weak verbs, and many of those other small errors that the eye misses when reading from the screen.

After that, I’ll print off each chapter and pass it to my independent reader, who will undoubtedly find inconsistencies, confusions, occasional homophonic substitutions, the odd grammatical fail and numerous other faults. I’ll put those right and then read the whole book, aloud, from print, not screen.

It’ll then be ready to send to my publisher, who is currently gnashing his teeth with impatience, as he wants to get the book out in time for a launch at Fantasticon 2017. This is an annual event in Hull, which this year is UK’s City of Culture. It’s a celebration of science fiction, fantasy and gaming. And I’ll be there. Maybe you’ll pop along, too!

The book’s reached that all-consuming stage now, which, combined with the deadline, means everything else in life takes a back seat. Progress toward completion is all. Today, for instance, is a beautiful, warm, dry day crying out for my presence in the garden, or, perhaps, a long walk in the forest. But, no. The book demands I remain at my post, tap the keys with bloodied fingers and drive myself blind by scanning page after page checking for necessary changes to the text. My sacrifice isn’t exclusive, however. My long-suffering and lovely wife, Valerie, is also in quarantine, shackled to the house, as I complete the necessary tasks. Such is the lot of the novelist.

And, dear reader, it’s all for your enjoyment!

If you’ve read the first in the series, you’ll be ready for this second book when it appears later this year.  Blood Red Dust can be found at your local Amazon, or, better still, through the publisher’s website.

2 thoughts on “Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.

    1. If you’re able to get to Fantasticon, you should really try it, Roger. The link under ‘Maybe you’ll pop along’ leads to a site where you can buy tickets cheaper than they’ll be on the door, so worth a look. I’ve been for the previous conventions and I have to say, I’ve never met such a great bunch of people: friendly, passionate, interesting and generous. Definitely a community worth knowing.
      As for the writing aids, there are now so any out there, I can only advise on those I’ve actually tried. The ones featured on the blog post are all very good.
      Good luck with your writing.
      And maybe I’ll see you in Hull!


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