love of the monster, by AM Roselli, Reviewed.


Poetry can be sublime, complex, evocative, tantalising, inspiring, provoking, sensual, thoughtful, engaging and many other things. AM Roselli’s poems manage to fit all these qualities.

I first encountered AM’s remarkable poetry and artwork via her website,, to which I was directed by another friend online. I was engaged at once. This is a woman with real heart who is modest about her accomplishments with paint, pencil and pen. Her mastery of poetic form sits so provocatively alongside her wonderful illustrations.

There is passion here, mischief, sorrow, eroticism, a quest for answers and an honest portrayal of emotions many would quail to express in public. Her use of language leaves me breathless. As a writer myself, I feel humbled by her grasp of the possibilities words can realise.

This volume of illustrated poems is a beautiful piece of work. It’s a book I’ll open frequently to enjoy again the worlds imagined and described by this talented writer and artist.

Anyone who loves words, anyone fascinated by the art of an unusual mind, anyone with empathy for the imagination well explored will find much to enjoy in these pages.

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