Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.

saheki crater
Picture via NASA

Book 2 of the Generation Mars series now stands at 93454 words in first draft form. That’s an increase of 11,793 on last week’s figure, so advancement continues to go well, in spite of certain personal impediments to progress.

Last week, I thought I’d have the first draft completed by this time. However, along with some new developments in science and events surrounding the red planet, some new moves were put in place by my cast of characters. They’re an unruly lot, with plans and wishes of their own. I tend to go with them, as battling them renders the story less character driven. With luck, events and the judgment of my players will allow me to complete the first draft by the end of next week! Watch this space.

If you’ve read the first in the series, Blood Red Dust, you’ll be primed for this second book when it appears, later this year, I hope!

Readers have already penned reviews on the publisher’s site, Fantastic Books Publishing, Goodreads, and Amazon, recording their impressions to help new readers, and I thank them for that. Such efforts are truly appreciated.

Buy Blood Red Dust direct from the publisher by clicking here.

Or, get a copy through your usual retailer. You can also access it through your local Amazon by clicking this link.

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