Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.


The follow-up novel to Blood Red Dust now stands at 81,661 words, which is only 7103 extra since last week. Very poor!

However, here come the excuses. Spent a fair amount of time sorting, or trying to sort, my daughter’s Student Loan issues, since she’s in Australia and the UK company dealing with this matter apparently don’t understand the use of email and require students working abroad to phone them with any questions. I spent 23 mins and 45 secs on the phone to them on Monday (and I have to call them back for an answer on Friday!), imagine what that would cost from Australia! Pathetic organisation.

Yesterday, I spent much of the morning in Gloucester with an appointment at the hospital having my plumbing examined, and then making a visit to the supermarket to get food and other household supplies. We both hate shopping, so we’ve taken to ordering online and having the stuff delivered under normal circumstances, but we were in the city so decided to visit instead. It was a salutary reminder of why we order online.

Today, after a relaxing late start, we decided to take advantage of a discount scheme run by a local pub, where they serve a very good 2 course lunch for senior citizens at most reasonable prices. It’s a longish walk up a lot of steep hills, so we felt we’d earned the bottle of Prosecco the reduced food price allowed us! The walk back down to our home was a little longer, but that was nothing to do with the drink, of course!

So, no work done on the WIP today. Very wicked, but, hey, you’re only old once!

And what I have done during the week has been very productive, with lots of new ideas floating to the surface. With luck, I’ll have the first draft complete by this time next week. Watch this space.

Those who’ve read Blood Red Dust, are already primed for this second book in the Generation Mars series when it appears, later this year, I hope!

Some readers have penned reviews posted to the publisher’s site, Fantastic Books Publishing, Goodreads, and Amazon, recording their impressions to help inform new readers, and I thank them most sincerely for that. Such efforts are truly appreciated.

Get Blood Red Dust direct from the publisher by clicking here. Or, buy a copy through your usual retailer. You can access it through your local Amazon by clicking this link.

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