I’d Like to Know: Why? #1


For some time, I’ve been tempted to run a series of questions here. I’ve serious issues I’d love to open for debate, silly matters that might cause amusement, trivial irritations that cause me grief, and fairly vital matters that demand answers.

I’m opening the series with a minor peeve. It might result in some relief for those heroic folk who venture out in all weathers to deliver our daily post, though I doubt it.


Why Make it Hard for the Postman?

On Saturday, and yesterday, I spent a few hours posting leaflets around the locality to help friends involved in local elections. It’s a rural area; a small village with some land between a few of the houses and lots of hills to climb. Some homes sit at the end of long, steep driveways.

A few considerate folk have mailboxes at the entrance to their drives, making it easy to deliver stuff. But others make delivering mail nigh on impossible.

There are the obvious culprits: lengthy paths but no mailbox, ‘Beware of the Dog’ but no mailbox. Then, those with no letterbox at all: scared of bills? The most frustrating feature is those with a notice on their letterbox asking for all mail to be ‘pushed right through the box’. I understand why, but almost all such requests appear on letterboxes with strong springs, internal brushes to keep out draughts, and a further sprung flap inside, making it difficult and sometimes painful to push a piece of paper all the way through.

Maybe, if people tried the feat themselves before demanding those delivering mail should do so, they might take a slightly more helpful view. Once you’ve tried it with a few hundred resistant flaps, your finger ends feel frayed!

2 thoughts on “I’d Like to Know: Why? #1

  1. This must be a British thing. In the U.S., I believe (but am not savvy to) there are regulations about the letter box and access to it. If it’s not just right, the homeowner will get a notice from their mail carrier to have it fixed up or changed. If there’s a problem in which the mail is difficult to deliver, for example, teenagers driving by in a car knocked out your box overnight with a baseball bat, you may get a notice pinned to your door explaining you have to pick up your mail at the post office.

    Probably not a satisfying answer to your peeve, but that’s how it’s been for me here in the Colonies over the years.

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    1. How right you are, Kecia. In UK, we’re regulated on many aspects of life, but this one has escaped official notice. In any case, the sort of people who lack consideration for the workers are also the type who would ignore the rules anyway!
      Our postmen, and women, often perform a sort of social role, especially in rural communities, where they let the authorities know if some isolated individual appears to be not around. This way, quite a few elderly people are found in distress before circumstances actually kill them. It would be great if the general community therefore made their job easier.

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