Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.

Martian surface courtesy of NASA

A short progress report. The week has gone well, with some new research done (there’s a lot happening regarding Mars at the moment!). I’ve added 13,345 words to last week’s start, making the total word count 18,145 to date.

The story continues to flow and the characters are developing. I wake up at night sometimes and have to dash off a note as an idea strikes me. Fortunately, there’s a notepad and pen by the bed.

Early mornings are my best time for creating, but the recovery from the Xmas/New Year cold has meant I’m sleeping longer than usual. Still, I expect the pace of creation will accelerate as the weeks pass. Well on target for now.

Make sure you read Blood Red Dust so you’re ready for the follow-up, set further into the future, when it appears.

And, if you’ve read it, please consider penning a few words in the form of a review to post to the publisher’s site, Goodreads, and Amazon: it all helps give the book exposure and gain the interest of new readers.

Thank you to those who’ve already done this. I really appreciate the effort.

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