Dreagan Star, by Nan Klee, Reviewed.


Set on the Moon in some unspecified future, this science fiction novel presents the reader with complex characters that live on the page. For me, as both a reader and a writer, character development and presentation are key to the enjoyment of a book.

Here, we have a well-constructed story set in a credible world and peopled by a cast of characters with their flaws and quirks. I enjoyed the ongoing and very real battles that take place between the protagonists and the antagonists. There are some pretty evil sorts here, but they have their positives, as the good people have their faults.

Short sections of the book had me slightly confused at times, but I put that down to the fact that I had to read this novel in stages, often with lengthy absences between. There are the inevitable typos and a few places where p.o.v. changes inexplicably. But these are minor flaws and certainly not sufficiently off-putting to stop me reading.

Had I been in a better situation, I would have preferred to read this page-turner in one go. The story is well paced and the action takes the reader on a number of fascinating journeys. The FTLT element is handled well, with enough detail to intrigue whilst the science is kept to generalisations that allow plausibility.

I tend not to give synopses in my reviews: the cover blurb should do that job. But I will point out that this is a science fiction tale with a difference. Here we have a strong female lead who is employed as a psychologist to determine the sanity of the male lead character. The romantic implications of a strong sensual modern woman in the company of an alpha male are handled very well, with many obstructions to the relationship. Other interactions work equally well and all drive the story forward.

The denouement is well crafted and whilst I wasn’t surprised at the outcome, I did find it very satisfying and believable.

This is a good read. I shall definitely be reading more from this author. Glad I was given the chance to enjoy this unusual and interesting tale.

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