The Democracy Delusion, UK.

UK Parliament final

From time to time, some topic fires me with enough passion to express a view. However, this website is really about readers and writers, so I’ve joined a website more appropriate for such outpourings. If you click on this link, it will take you to my first post on that website. It’s a longish piece on the state of democracy in UK. So, if you’re interested, make yourself a cuppa and have a read.

You can, if you’re so minded, place a comment either there or here. Up to you.

4 thoughts on “The Democracy Delusion, UK.

    1. I think humans learn quite effectively as a whole, Bette. It’s the sociopaths who become politicians and leaders who don’t learn from history and continue to lead us into conflict to glorify their names. Cynical, me?


    1. I think it’s a problem in most of the world where democracy is supposed to be in force, Bette. Very few so-called democracies are actually democratic, unfortunately. Political unrest is a symptom of the growing realisation that most people are disenfranchised. One can only hope it doesn’t lead to the dangerous solution that revolution so often poses as a resolution!

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