Future Gone, by Alexandar Tomov Jnr, Reviewed.

Future Gone

Translated from Bulgarian by Margarita Dogramadzyan.

This collection of short stories is bizarre, dreamlike, surreal. The stories themselves hold both intelligent insight and moral lessons. Unfortunately, either the translation or the original writing lack proper editing. They read like first drafts. The thoughts are put down but there’s no sign of revision and they therefore read rather like a wooden script: almost a synopsis. This is a shame, because the dreamlike quality holds great promise. It’s a promise that remains unrealised however and therefore reading this collection was ultimately disappointing.

It’s one of those books that leaves the reader feeling a little cheated, evoking the feeling that some very good opportunity has been missed. There’s an air of carelessness about the presentation of the book, as if it was published with a ‘that’ll do’ attitude.

Those who decide to nevertheless give the book a try will find most of the tales deal in death and dreams. A very strange collection that left me dissatisfied because it could have been so much better.