The Construct of Time

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Time is just an agreed upon construct. We have taken distance (one rotation of the earth, and one orbit of the sun) divided it up into segments, then given those segments labels.

-Author Unknown

Before man decided to differentiate between the periods when the sun had risen, and when the moon had taken its place, there was no such thing as time. Before days, hours, and minutes ever existed there were merely rotations of the earth that brought about phases of light, and periods of darkness. But our quest for intellectual enlightenment, coupled with human curiosity urged mankind to quantify and label the earth’s rotations.

Early Egyptians divided the day into two twelve hour periods, erecting huge obelisks that rose into the sky, allowing them to use shadows to track the sun’s movements. The Greeks and Persians used water clocks called clepsydra. And Plato even went as far as to develop…

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2 thoughts on “The Construct of Time

  1. I disagree that time is a human construct. We cannot but be aware of the passage of years as our children grow and our own bodies age. Long before the Sumerians and Egyptians codified time, our ancestors followed the rhythm of the seasons. Otherwise they would never have survived.

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    1. But doesn’t that simply confirm that time, as we understand it, is a human construct, Madeleine? We, as humans are aware of time because of our particular style of intelligence, but are other living forms equally conscious of the passage of time? Do they measure it? We can’t know, but the evidence suggests that time is a very poorly understood concept for life forms other than humans.
      I think, however, that this piece is really about the way we both measure time and allow it to control us, rather than to use it as a tool.


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