30 Flash Fiction Writing Competitions With Cash Prizes

Someone who agrees with me about Writing Contests.

Sacha Black

30 Flash Fiction Competitions With Cash PrizesThere are more short story competitions than words I’ve written. And I’ve written a shit load of words. But finding a FLASH fiction comp (under 1000 words) is a bit of a rarity, so when I do find one, I get a bit giddy.

But lately, I’ve had to weep myself to sleep over the number of writers who have told me they never enter competitions because either: they don’t know how to find them or didn’t know so many existed.


Seriously?! Don’t make me use Caps. The fastest way to get recognition, more often than not is through competitions. The road to traditional publishing (if that’s where you want to go) is like the final fight in Lord of The Rings – fucking endless. Don’t take for granted the ease of entering competitions. Most of you enter weekly writing challenges, like my writespiration, or Esther’s or Charli’s. So…

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Synthesis, Fantastic SciFi Anthology Now in Print.

The science fiction anthology from Fantastic Books Publishing is now available in print form. I’ve already reviewed this when it first appeared as an ebook. You’ll find the review by clicking this link. I have a story in this excellent collection of imagination and future speculation mixed with fantasy scifi. Great stories, now available for …

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