Running for ME/CFS no. 45

One of the forest roads I use for my runs.
One of the forest roads I use for my runs.

The race is 5 weeks today. And this week’s blog post is on time, for a change!

Wednesday’s session consisted of 6 runs of 4 minutes, alternating with 1-minute walks. I covered 3.3 miles in 35 minutes, taking a loop through the forest and averaging just over 10 minutes per mile.

Friday, I was required to run/walk 7 miles. I did the same loop twice and added a straight stretch to make up the necessary mileage. This time I was supposed to run for 3 minutes and walk for 1 minute and repeat the pattern through the distance. I followed that pattern for the first circuit of the loop but decided to walk uphill and run on the flat and downhill for the rest of the distance, which involved me in much more running than walking. I covered the whole distance in an hour and 39 seconds; an average speed of 8 minutes 40 seconds per mile. Not bad, considering my extreme age and the state of my physical fitness!

Today, Sunday, I was due a brisk 30-minute walk. Valerie and I decided to try a new route to a local pub where we’d eaten a lovely meal last week. The round trip was around 3.5 miles and contained a number of steep climbs and descents, one of which involved a narrow path with 151 steps. We climbed both up and down this track, so I think we achieved the necessary exercise aspect of the walk.

The foot of the 151 steps
The foot of the 151 steps

I’ve begun the exercises I was given by the physiotherapist for my back problem. The intention is to strengthen my core muscles and I expect the slight ache there indicates that the exercises are working. Only time will tell, of course.

Still on target.

I had an email from the race organisers this week and can expect my running number and the map/booklet about the race by the end of the week. Looking forward to receiving that, so I can see the route in detail.

Earlier this week I was featured as ‘Fundraiser of the week’ by the charity I’m raising money for. This link will take you to their piece.

Should you wish to contribute to Action For M.E., please click here and take the easy steps to make a donation. Or, even simpler, send the text ‘MESA76’ (without the quotation marks) to 70070, to donate £5 via your mobile phone. Thank you.

And don’t forget, you can purchase my book on ME/CFS, M.E. and me; Chronic Fatigue: My Recovery After 10 Years, through the links on my ‘Published Works’ tab on this website. Half the proceeds will go to the same charity.

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